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A rant about Apple’s decision…

So I was at work the other day. Sometime last week to be not-so-exact. LOL! The head IT guy came up to me and told me that Apple had made a huge change in the way Applescript worked with interfaces. He told me that they changed the way an Applescript linked up with an interface and other things. You now need to use ApplescriptObjective-C. Its just a big word for bridging Applescript, Objective-C, and the interface. I personally don't care for the change at all! Since I am still a beginner with Applescript, I didn't like the news! So your saying I now need to learn Objective-C? No he said! Well maybe a little, he later added. I still don't like it! So...I went out and purchased an Objective-C book! Yep $40 later. Same day as the previous book I just got about YouTube! So I got the book home and got into it! Page one...Seems interesting. Page two...Ok getting crazy. Page ten! I'm done for now! Its not that I gave up. It just didn't make any sense at all. I am used to things like PHP, HTML, Applescript, and Visual Basic. Non are anywhere near Objective-C. BUT! Since I am determined, I will continue. I want to develope for the iPhone/iPod some day.

Well that is my rant for the day! Enjoy!

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