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GarageBand iPad App Giveaway…

Hello friends. I am giving away two copies of the iPad app GarageBand. Check out my video on YouTube to win. Hurry giveaway ends March 31st, 2011.Click here for the video!


App Giveaways Coming…

Hello friends. I have been playing with the new GarageBand for the iPad and I love it. I own an iPad first generation. I love the sampler capabilities. Its so much fun that I wanted to share. Look out for a GarageBand iPad app giveaway on my YouTube channel! I will be giving away two copies of the app. Keep an eye on my page for the giveaway video.


App Reviews And Giveaways…

I have plans to add App reviews and giveaways on my YouTube channel coming soon. Since the ability to gift Apps has been added to the App Store, I will be giving away some very cool Apps and games. This is for all the Apple fans out there. Sorry "other app store people". Talk to you soon!


iOS AirPrint Hack For Mac OSX…


In this video I will show you how to add wireless printing to non wireless printers that are attached to your Mac. This will allow you to print from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad to your non wireless printer. Originally you had to purchase a wireless printer that was compatible with the Apple devices. Now you can just print over your WiFi to your Mac's attached printer or any network printer. This hack is for those who do not have a wireless printer!

You must have the latest version of iOS on your devices and the latest version of OSX as well. I tested with iOS 4.2.1 and OSX 10.6.5
This project is a medium level project and is not difficult. You must know some keyboard commands and how to navigate to hidden folders. You must also understand that I am not responsible for damage done to your machine. I did not create this software. It is up to you to be sure it is safe to use. I have not had any problems to report with my setup.

The Zip file that contains the instructions and files can be found at:

Credit goes to SoldierKnowsBest for the idea and the original instructions can be found at:


The WordPress Blog App For iPad…

In my opinion this is the best iPad app I have ever run across. I love it! The WordPress Blog App for the iPad is hands down the best app for blog editing and posting as well as comment authoring. I used to use the iPhone/iPod version of the app and loved it then. Now I only use the iPad version because it is so slick and provides a much better experience with the added screen real estate. I give this app 5 out of 5 stars. I have yet to run into a problem with this app. By the way...This one is FREE! See my video below!


VNC App For The iPad…

I checked out this VNC app for the iPad called VNC Lite. I love it and use it often to manage my server in the garage from my bed. Check it out in the AppStore or see my video below. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for usage and speed. P.S. This is a FREE app!


My Thoughts On The Apple iPad…

To me the Apple iPad isn't as great sounding as people make it out to be. From what I have seen and heard, I don't think this would be a good choice for most people. It's big screen is nice but where do you store it? You can't really put it in your pocket now can you? To me it is nothing more than a larger version of an iPod. Yeah it will have wireless Internet and wifi. But is it really worth the price? From what I can tell...you can't use it like a phone. It doesn't even have a camera. I think I will stick with my iPhone. It serves me very well. I use my phone every day and it is with me at all times. You won't be able to take the iPad with you almost everywhere you go like you can with an iPod or iPhone. So in turn. Apple...please try again. As much as I love Apple, I don't like this product at all...from what I have seen.


New Apple Device?…

It appears if Apple is going to be releasing a new product. From watching a few videos they claim that a reputable source has been releasing information about a new product that Apple is possibly going to be releasing or announcing soon. They say that the device appears to look like an iPhone or iPod with a 7 inch screen. It sounds as if the device will have some of the same capabilities as the iPhone and iPod. The device resembles a tablet computer. The same videos say that a large electronics company may have reserved a large conference room possibly being Apple. This could mean an announcement of a new product. Releasing a tablet computer would be a giant step for Apple. I love the iPhone and would enjoy seeing a tablet device from Apple hit the market.

What do you think about the rumors going around about this possible device? Leave a comment!


MissionDuke is Mobile Friendly…

I am sooooo excited to announce that the MissionDuke blog is now mobile friendly. You can now visit MissionDuke from your mobile device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, or cell phone. You won't see the traditional site rather a mobile version of the site with all the same content as the desktop version. I was thinking to myself today how neat it would be if I could serve a mobile version of my MissionDuke blog. I wasn't sure how much work that would take. I set out on my Google adventure with the keywords "wordpress mobile plugin". I was able to gather a few different plugins that seemed alright. I read over each one and came to the conclusion that WPTouch was the best fit.
I was in for a huge surprise. This was the coolest plugin I have ever tried. It has everything. I can effectively advertise and the content looks so awesome. The best part yet...It automatically redirects you to the correct version of the site. No extra work at all. Sweeeeeeeet!
I am proud to say that I can effectively and efficiently provide my blog data to mobile users without all of the fuss of a full size page. I recommend this plugin to anyone with a WordPress blog. You won't regret it.
Go check out the creator's website for this nifty plugin called WPTouch. Their website is at: http://www.bravenewcode.com/wptouch/
So go ahead, grab your iPhone or your other mobile device and visit this site at www.missionduke.com!

I will wait here. You can come back and tell me what you think. Leave a comment about what you think. If your device is not supported, please let me know and I can add it to the list. Enjoy & Happy Tech-ing!


Some things I am taking on right now…

So I have some experience in PHP and even more in HTML. I have a small background in Visual Basic, AppleScript, and a few other languages. Recently I have added some Objective-C and have been playing around with Xcode. While that is all fun and everything, I see more of a future for myself in web programming. For some reason I enjoy doing stuff for the web.

I have created several small applications that help me at work. To name a few of them:

  • AI CS3 to CS2 converter
  • UPC check digit calculator
  • Droplets for processing images based on resolution and color space
  • Basic image calculators
  • Several automation projects
  • Converting my Applescript UPC check digit calculator to Objective-C language
  • And my best piece of code yet...My FontFinder system for work

See at my work we deal with thousands of fonts everyday. When a client sends a job without a font we substitute one of our fonts. So we have a huge server full of tons of fonts. When we need a font we can usually find it because most of the fonts are in folders alphabetically. Now the problem is there are two sets of alphabetic folders and even more folders inside those. The problem with just looking for a font is you can't spend all day doing it. We need to find it quickly. You could use the search function of your machine but that would slow the server down and it takes forever. So I saw a problem and my gears started turning. I ended up coming up with a decent solution.

My solution was to make a searchable database with the paths to every single file on the font server. I used HTML, PHP, and a MYSQL database. This started as a basic "search a database" type of system. Eventually I added logging so I could see how much the service was used. I added security. Made searches somewhat hacker proof. I later cleaned up the interface and made some visual improvements.

I started to loose interest in the project. I needed some more things to do to the system. I asked around and got no answers to what I should do next. Eventually I added a feature to save or highlight a font path for future ease of finding. Later on that feature was removed because nobody used it.

I decided to go through and clean up my PHP code and go through and comment everything. Now I was happy with what I had created. Getting back to the interface...I had been learning some CSS and thought I could make a new interface. I started in Photoshop, and finished in Dreamweaver CS4. I added some flare and a logo. I made the page "not so boring". I also added a piece of code at the top of the results page to allow for searching again. Now the PHP code calls itself and loads itself so no more going back to the search page to start a new search.

Now after I completed that I wanted more...I started learning about Dashboard Widgets on the Mac. I put my all in and had to learn a little bit about JavaScript. I ended up with two things. A new web language to get into, and a really cool "Widget" version of my FontFinder web application. Now I can roll in style with my cool Widget. I can finally rally "WOW" my co-workers.

Hmmmm! Maybe I should do an iPhone version next...What do you think?

Below is a few images of the final product of my FontFinder web application.


A rant about Apple’s decision…

So I was at work the other day. Sometime last week to be not-so-exact. LOL! The head IT guy came up to me and told me that Apple had made a huge change in the way Applescript worked with interfaces. He told me that they changed the way an Applescript linked up with an interface and other things. You now need to use ApplescriptObjective-C. Its just a big word for bridging Applescript, Objective-C, and the interface. I personally don't care for the change at all! Since I am still a beginner with Applescript, I didn't like the news! So your saying I now need to learn Objective-C? No he said! Well maybe a little, he later added. I still don't like it! So...I went out and purchased an Objective-C book! Yep $40 later. Same day as the previous book I just got about YouTube! So I got the book home and got into it! Page one...Seems interesting. Page two...Ok getting crazy. Page ten! I'm done for now! Its not that I gave up. It just didn't make any sense at all. I am used to things like PHP, HTML, Applescript, and Visual Basic. Non are anywhere near Objective-C. BUT! Since I am determined, I will continue. I want to develope for the iPhone/iPod some day.

Well that is my rant for the day! Enjoy!

Go check out my YouTube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/djrock9000