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laCie Iamakey USB Flash Drive Review…

I just received my 8GB LaCie Iamakey USB flash drive in the mail. I purchased it on Amazon.com for $27. Shipping was fast and packaging was great...but that's not what the review is about.
This flash drive is an all metal cased half style thin USB stick in the shape of an ordinary key. This drive fits nicely on your keyring and blends in well with your house and car keys. It has exposed contacts but they are scratch and water resistant. This drive is very rugged and can handle abuse. The drive comes pre formatted with a Fat32 format but can be formatted to your needs. I left it in the Fat32 format because I will be using it with both Mac and PC. LaCie puts out high end storage devices and they did not sacrifice quality on this product at all. This drive has fast transfer rates, and suits my purposes of transporting data very well. I have not done extensive speed tests though. This is a very unique gadget and I recommend it to all of my readers especially for the price.

Notice: The creator of this blog is in no way affiliated with or paid by LaCie for this review.