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iOS AirPrint Hack For Mac OSX…


In this video I will show you how to add wireless printing to non wireless printers that are attached to your Mac. This will allow you to print from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad to your non wireless printer. Originally you had to purchase a wireless printer that was compatible with the Apple devices. Now you can just print over your WiFi to your Mac's attached printer or any network printer. This hack is for those who do not have a wireless printer!

You must have the latest version of iOS on your devices and the latest version of OSX as well. I tested with iOS 4.2.1 and OSX 10.6.5
This project is a medium level project and is not difficult. You must know some keyboard commands and how to navigate to hidden folders. You must also understand that I am not responsible for damage done to your machine. I did not create this software. It is up to you to be sure it is safe to use. I have not had any problems to report with my setup.

The Zip file that contains the instructions and files can be found at:

Credit goes to SoldierKnowsBest for the idea and the original instructions can be found at: