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After Effects CS5 Earth Zoom…

See the video below for a cool project I made in After Effects CS5 using Google Maps images from a tutorial:


Cheap 10 Dollar Green Screen Setup…

Just thought I would post a quickie on my cheap $10 green screen setup. I have a video on the Tubes of my setup. Watch below. Everything is PVC. Nice and cheap. The green screen cloth is from the Pinnacle Studio box set that I purchased a long time ago. You can probably pick one up pretty cheap though. Enjoy!


Built A Green Screen Backdrop Holder…

I built a green screen backdrop holder that attaches to the ceiling and holds my green screen snugly. I made it out of 1/2 inch PVC and some PVC fittings. Total cost was under $10. See the video below for more information and a quick look at the rig.


The Cheap Camera Hand Grip…

I use this with my new video camera to help with stability and pain relief. I purchased a new Sony HD camera some time ago. This thing is so small it is actually hard to hold and gives me pain in my wrist. I decided to create yet another camera helper. This thing was super cheap. See my video below for instructions on how to build your own. Enjoy!


Cheap Car Camera Mount…

This is a cheap camera mount for the inside of my car. I made it from some spare items I had laying around the house. I used an aluminum corner channel "L" shaped bar with u-bolts with 1/4" threads and some washers and wing nuts and hex nuts. I also used some pieces of a cheap tripod. Overall the mount is good for rough video. I would not recommend it to anyone trying to get smooth video. You may be able to counteract the camera movement with some sort of shock mount. Give this a try if you wish. I don't remember the cost of this project as it was done long ago. Somewhere between $6 to $10. A forewarning though...The audio will be crap. I removed the audio from the video and replaced it with something quick! Enjoy! Remember to Rate/Comment/Subscribe if you like my videos.

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Just finished a great book on YouTube!

I picked up a book called YouTube: An Insider's Guide To Climbing The Charts by Alan Lastufka & Michael W. Dean. I read it from cover to cover. I haven't read a book from cover to cover since college where they forced you to do it. I am not much of a reader unless it is something that I can stand reading.

This book is "awesome"! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about YouTube and how to gain from it. The book doesn't promise that you will become rich like most other books do. They state that loud and clearly.

This book is very healpful and teaches everything from movie making to how not to hack your way to the top. It explains the rules and copyright laws involved as well as many other interesting things.

I would recommend you go out and buy this book if you are interested in going from YouTuber to Producer.


Here is a link to purchase this book on Amazon:


Video Project – Testing the $20 Steady Cam

Here is a video of me testing my Poor Man's SteadyCam that I made from PVC and some other cheap parts. The video goes in a sequence of Before and After shots. I have also included some shots in 60 Frames Per Second. My camera can shoot 30fps or 60fps. I noticed that the quality seems a lot higher on 60fps when you are panning the video. Otherwise I would just stick with using the 30fps if I am shooting stuff that isn't moving that much. Turns out more life like that way! If anyone is wondering, the camera I use is the Kodak Zi6 HD camera. I love it. It appears to have higher quality more vibrant videos than the Flip cameras have. Just my opinion. Google it for more info.


Video Project – $20 Steady Cam Update

So I captured a video with the version 1 steady cam. The video came out to be pretty "not steady". I decided to add some PVC pipe to the bottom section to even it out. Now it shoots better video. I need to wait till daylight to shoot a video with it. I also need a good moving subject. It may be a few days till I get a sample video of the new design up on YouTube. Hang in there.

Oh yeah the parts I added are:
1.5 ft of 1" PVC
Two 1" PVC couplers. Female on both ends.
Pipe cleaner (purple crap) and glue again.
I also added a tripod mount. Not sure where I got that from. It was cheap though. Works like a charm. It also allows me to revert back to just the bolt and the wing nut.

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Video Project – $20 Steady Cam from PVC Pipes

I decided to make a cheap steady cam to use with my new Kodak Zi6 video camera. I made it from PVC instead of metal. The PVC is lightweight and for my use, it is strong enough. Plus I don't have to kill a drill bit in order to make the holes needed for mounting the camera and the weight.

Parts Needed:
ALL PVC IS 1" THICK - You will need to cut this. Almost any saw will do the trick.
One 5" Long PVC Pipe
One 12" Long PVC Pipe
One 15" Long PVC Pipe
Three 1" PVC Caps
Two 1/4" x 1.5" Long Bolts
Three 1/4" Nuts
Three 1/4" Locking Washers
Two Large Washers
Two Smaller Washers
One 1/4" Wing Nut
PVC Cleaner/Prep - The Purple Stuff
PVC Cement
About 40 Minutes of time!

It will take some practice to get the videos to be smooth. You have to act like you are working with a fragile object. You will get the hang of it. Also...Always have good lighting for your videos. Unlike I did in the video. Sorry it was 3am and one of my light bulbs burnt out before I shot the video.


A video device I made for recording myself

The Video Camera Extend-A-Pod is a cheap camera mount that you hold in your hand. It positions your video camera away from you for a wider shot of yourself without straining your arm. The device was made from cheap PVC and conduit parts found at my local hardware store. I paid about $4 for everything. A parts list can be found at the end of the video. Go check out my cheap steady cam video for another cheap video device.