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TGG Copper Scrappers Caught On Tape…


Not too long ago The Geek Group had put a call out for a donation of CCTV cameras because they were having some troubles with people spray painting their building and stealing copper wiring. I wanted to help as much as I could so I donated some used CCTV cameras and outdoor housings. Not to long after, The Geek Group was finally able to install the cameras and get their DVR up and running. They started recording video and no more than a day later, their system had recorded two people stealing copper wiring from their transformers and generator in their back parking lot. This happened in the middle of the day at around 2:30pm. The Geek Group had contacted their local news channel and a story was developed. You can watch the news coverage here. Boy am I glad I sent those cameras. I am glad they finally have an idea of who is committing these crimes.

If you have not heard of The Geek Group, you can read more about them or become a member on their website here.

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