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The Geek Group “Builds Awesome”


If you are reading my blog posts, chances are you are a Geek. If not, no problem. Everyone is welcome. I want to show you a video about The Geek Group that I think you will like. There are a lot of hacker spaces that lean towards teen and older crowds. The Geek Group works will all age groups. You will see in the video, the kid's reaction to something amazing. This is why The Geek Group exists. Check it out!


The Geek Group Labs in Minecraft


Hello fellow members and those who may be curious. I had recently created The Geek Group Labs in Minecraft and recorded a walkthrough video. I received so many comments and suggestions on the original video that I should place the world files up for download, so I did. So here it is. It is not a complete model and is missing some rooms. The proportions are a little off as well. Do what you can to fix it up if you wish or customize it. Have fun. If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask. There is a readme file in the zip that contains the coordinates.

Download TGG Minecraft World Files Here 8.5Mb

Have fun!
-Jeremiah Duke


Happy Birthday From The Geek Group


Today I received a special Happy Birthday Wish. At around 1:30am or so I had checked my YouTube account to see if there were any Captain's Blogs from Chris Boden, like I always do. To my surprise I found a special Captain's Blog titled "Captain's Blog 12-5-11 Happy Birthday to Jeremiah Duke". I actually had to take a second look to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Alisha, my angel fiancé, had contacted The Geek Group, my favorite Geeks from Michigan, and asked if they could wish me a Happy Birthday.

This was the coolest birthday ever. Thank you Chris, Batman, Alisha, and everyone at The Geek Group for this very special Birthday Wish. You guys are awesome.

Some day I hope to get a chance to take some time off work and drive over there to hang out and help out. Maybe sometime this upcoming summer. 🙂

Please take a moment to visit The Geek Group to see how they are changing the world.
You can also watch the official Geek Group YouTube channel or Chris Boden's channel physicsduck on YouTube for a behind the scenes look at The Geek Group operations.


Give Camp 2011 – The Geek Group



The Geek Group hosted the Give Camp 2011 event at their Labs in October. Below is a video of the event and a short description from the wonderful people at The Geek Group.

"The Geek Group played host to several non-profit organizations, database administrators, software developers, and volunteers on October 21-23 in a bid to see these organizations solve the problems they were having that they could not do on their own".

For more videos related to The Geek Group check out their YouTube channel thegeekgroup or The Captain's Blog physicsduck
For more information about The Geek Group or to become a member please visit thegeekgroup.org






Arduino Controlled Door


I found a really cool Arduino controlled door that someone had made. It is a pneumatically opened and closed door. This is awesome. Watch the video for a demo. Bonus points for making it look good too!


New Design for MissionDuke Blog


Hello Friends,

Its that time again...Time to decide that I want to change the template for the blog. I found one that I really like and will be trying it out for a while. I like it a lot because it is simple and has a lot of really cool features. Mainly the front page. Check out the new skin and let me know what you think.

I still have a lot of work to do to customize it so don't get your undies in a bundle if something changes. It looks like I will need to insert a "Featured Image" in every post now too. In the past I just skipped this for most of my postings. Guess I need to keep up on this LOL!

Well thats it for now. More to come as we go.


Moving Forward With MissionDuke


Here is a quick update on the MissionDuke.com website.

So I added a few more pages to the MissionDuke.com blog. These pages are still in the works but at least they have a place in the system and are ready to accept information. The new pages are: The Apple Stuff Page, The Learn Stuff Page and The Cool Stuff Page. The Arduino Projects Page has been linked to the front page of the blog system and is now more accessible.
The new pages are pretty self explanatory and simple. I won't go into what will be on each page at this moment as I am still coming up with content. Plus they are, again, self explanatory! 🙂
Soon I will be adding a tech forum section to the blog for discussion about tech related things. Also, coming in the future will be a MissionDuke store selling cool logo items as well as other geeky things.

Thats it for now. More to follow shortly!


TGG Copper Scrappers Caught On Tape…


Not too long ago The Geek Group had put a call out for a donation of CCTV cameras because they were having some troubles with people spray painting their building and stealing copper wiring. I wanted to help as much as I could so I donated some used CCTV cameras and outdoor housings. Not to long after, The Geek Group was finally able to install the cameras and get their DVR up and running. They started recording video and no more than a day later, their system had recorded two people stealing copper wiring from their transformers and generator in their back parking lot. This happened in the middle of the day at around 2:30pm. The Geek Group had contacted their local news channel and a story was developed. You can watch the news coverage here. Boy am I glad I sent those cameras. I am glad they finally have an idea of who is committing these crimes.

If you have not heard of The Geek Group, you can read more about them or become a member on their website here.


Steve Jobs Will Be Missed…


We lost a great hero in the tech world. Steve Jobs will be missed but never forgotten. He was a genius. An inspiration. A leader like no other. We will always remember Steve Jobs as an innovator, an inventor, and a visionary. Let us all remember Steve Jobs as the man that changed it all. Thank you for all that you have done. You have left a positive mark on society and have changed the way we live and work. There is a small part of you in every Apple device we own.

Thank you Steve Jobs. May you rest in peace and may your family be safe and blessed.

Steve Jobs


My Dock Is Bigger Than Yours…

Work Dock

Thats right...And you thought your Dock was big! I have a bigger Dock than you. My Dock is so big, it boggles people's minds. See what is in my Dock at work. I have so many apps it is sometimes hard to find things. See the list and image below. Have a giant Docking day!

Click the image to get a larger preview of my huge Dock!

Here is what is in my Dock!
In My Work Dock: LEFT TO RIGHT

Font Nuke
Esko Backstage
Prinergy Virtual Proofing
Prinergy Workshop
QuarkXPress 6
QuarkXPress 7
FreeHand MX
Adobe Illustrator 10
Adobe Illustrator CS
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5.1
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe InDesign CS4
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5.5
Adobe Bridge CS3
Adobe Bridge CS4
Adobe Bridge CS5
Adobe Acrobat Pro 9
Extensis Suitcase X1
FontDoctor X
Find Any File
Toast 6 Lite
Script Editor
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Developer Tools In Folder


Arduino Controlled PhotoBooth For Wedding…

I stumbled across a really cool Arduino project video on YouTube. Its a Canon T3i connected to an Arduino, and when a button is pressed, it takes a sequence of 4 pictures and wirelessly sends the pictures to a laptop using an EyeFi SD card. Software on the laptop monitors a folder and when it receives the pictures it assembles them into a collage with the bride and groom's picture. The picture is then printed on a high quality photo printer.
This is the coolest project I have ever seen using an Arduino. It is also the most useful one that I have seen in a long time. Even though the Arduino only plays a small simple role in the whole process (It controls the camera), it is still a very neat project. You can see the video below. Be sure to stop by the creator's video on YouTube and leave a comment. Enjoy!


Official Geek Group Unboxing…

Hello friends. Just a few days ago I had sent three packages to The Geek Group containing tools, electronics and other really cool stuff. The packages have arrived and you can see the unboxing in the video below. If you are a geek (and you should be, you are reading this) you should check out The Geek Group at theegeekgroup.org. You can learn more about this non-profit organization and become a member and/or donate by visiting their website.
These people are working REALLY hard to provide a place for people like us (GEEKS) to hang out, learn, and tinker. This is like a dream to me. Please check out their YouTube channel http://www.youtub.com/thegeekgroup. Please spread the word to all of your fellow geek friends and family. Even if you don't live in Michigan, you can still be very involved. Let your inner-geek go wild! Become a member today!

The full Captain's Blog video is below. To skip to the unboxing (PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE THING THOUGH) see the link below.
Click To See Unboxing Only


Geek Group Donation…

So I have put together a bunch of stuff to send to The Geek Group as a donation. Some of the things include: tools, a touch screen display, ribbon cables, a micro controller, a few cell phones to put through Thumper, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Its a total of three boxes, about 40lbs of complete Geek goodness. The packages should arrive shortly at The Geek Group and they can get to work unpacking all the crazily packed tools. 🙂

If you have not already, please go check out The Geek Group and become a member, or donate, or both 🙂
The Geek Group Website
The Geek Group on YouTube
Chris Boden (The Captain's Log) on YouTube
Live 24/7 Video From The Geek Group Labs


Geek Group Tool Donations…

Hello friends! Today I come bearing good news. I have placed a donation box at my work for the Tool Drive I am doing for The Geek Group. They are looking for used and new working tools so they can let people come and use them for projects and learning. I have also collected many of my non-used tools and placed them in a box to send to The Geek Group. I have purchased some new tools to send with as well. I hope to be able to send the tools off in a few weeks and I will try to gather more tools when I can.
If you want to donate, visit TheGeekGroup and find out how.


OSX Lion Fun…

Wow...Just Wow! I don't think I have had this many problems since I used Windows. Just this last weekend I installed OSX Lion 10.7 on my iMac. No problems with that installation. Everything went well. The problems started when I upgraded my fiance's iMac to Lion.
I downloaded the Lion installation app from the app store and started the installation. Soon after the installation started, I received a message stating that the installation had failed and to try using disk utility to verify the disk and repair it. I restarted and tried again with no luck. I tried to verify the disk and couldn't even repair it. Long story short...New hard drive and now everything works. Formatting the drive didn't help either.
I word of wisdom...Verify your hard dick before installing Lion. You can't go back to 10.6.8 after trying to install 10.7 without re-installing 10.6.8. Also...BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!
Other than the problems I have been having everything is good. Although my printer isn't compatible anymore and I can't AFP into my LaCie 2Big Network 2 drive. Looks like I will have to wait for new drivers.


Killed The Homemade Server Rack…

I have killed the homemade server rack in order to make some room in the garage. I need to get rid of or store the servers somewhere until I move. This kind of sucks but they are taking up a lot of room and I have not even been using them for anything. The server rack has been cut up and is now being used as a standoff to keep things in the garage off the floor.


A Very Inspiring Video…

This video is of Chris Boden from The Geek Group. He talks about The Geek Group and a little history on the company. Please consider watching the entire video to get an understanding of why I am so interested in The Geek Group and why you should become a member.
Visit The Geek Group
The Geek Group on YouTube


Crazy Fast Robot Hands…

This is amazing. Can you imagine the things we could do with this technology? Wow...Just...Wow!

You could use this technology to do all of your chores, play ball with the kids, do magic tricks and also flip your neighbor off all at the same time! Sweet!


Google Search Using Images…

Google has integrated the ability to search the web using images as your search query. Cool! Now Microsoft can bow down to the almighty Google!

Watch the video below from Google to see how it works and how to use it. Have fun!


Lost In My Own Mind…

Do you ever get to that point where you have so many cool tech gadgets and computer things that you really don't know what to do with them? Well I do. Sometimes I find myself trying to think of things to do even though there are tons of things to do right in front of my face. I have invested lots of money in my electronics and computers and I haven't even given them the use they deserve. I could do so many things with the electronics I have. I could program, write a book, design things, edit videos, build web pages and so much more. I can't figure out why I love these things so much that I can't find just one subject to focus on long enough to make it worth it. I really want to get into developing for OSX and iOS but I can't seem to put enough effort into the subject to learn anything.

When I was in school I learned a lot because I was forced to learn. I think my problem is that I don't force myself to learn therefore I don't learn what I want to learn. I think it really comes down to self control, which by the way I don't have much of! It seems that over the years I have learned a lot about technology but I can't figure out how I learned it if I wasn't forced to learn it. Maybe I was actually interested enough back then when I didn't "need" to be forced to learn it. Does that mean I will never learn anything again since nobody is forcing me to learn it? Of course not.

I really want to learn so many things and I know I will never be able to know them all but I can sure try. That is why I have the little saying I came up with:

"I don't know a lot about everything...But I do know...A little bit about a lot of things".

Kind of just works doesn't it? I thought so. Well I better get some sleep. Maybe that is why I can't stay focused on learning things...Sleep? Well lets give it a try!

Good Night Digital World!